Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Best ____ Lists

In 2011 I compiled a list of actors that, in my opinion, were the "7 Worst Actors in Hollywood." Worst actors ever probably isn't fair. I'm sure there are worse actors and some of these guys even appear in some good movies. But when it comes to actors who are really successful despite having really poor acting skills (which you think would be essential to their careers)---these were the men who made my list.

That list included Paul Walker. I know that he recently died and I don't want to seem crass by mentioning him...he was a person and death is always serious and tragic for those closest to the deceased. This is not a comment on his character or person, but seeing friends on my FB feed mourning the loss of this stranger on the grounds that the was an amazing actor was hard to swallow. Literally a day or two before his death I watched the movie Timeline for the first time and was just blown away at how bad his acting was. I don't think its disrespectful to continue to hold an opinion I've always held.

All of that to say, I've decided to highlight some actors that I feel are very talented. I'm also feeling inspired by the numerous top movies list that are circulating lately so I'm going to do some best/top lists. These lists will just be for fun and completely one woman's opinion, but I think most will agree that these actors at least good at their craft, if not among the best.

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