Thursday, October 27, 2011

Music Review: Odd Soul

Album: Odd Soul
Artist: Mutemath
Released: October 2011

Mutemath's fan base seems to span a lot of very different sorts of people and artists in many different genres. It's probably because they're talented. From song writing, lyrics, and production to an incredible live show---they seem to have the whole package. There is no band that is universally agreed upon to be "good" but Mutemath comes about as close as you can get in this day and age. Talent will always be subjective to the listener and their taste. As for me, I loved this album. I liked their first album and the creativity they exuded in their videos and tours. The second album was a disappointment. But this album, their third, is everything the second should have been. 

The style is different enough from the day to day to peak interest from first listen. The production is excellent. I've very much enjoyed with album, especially their title track "Odd Soul".

I can recommend this album to anyone without preface. That's pretty rare. Definitely check this album out. 



  1. I have loved Mutemath for a while... Had you ever heard of Earthsuit? It's the band that the lead singer was in just before forming Mutemath. They were good too. Anyway... Darren King is one of the most phenomenal drummers. So amazing. He is from this area too so it adds a whole other level of cool to it. Anyway... I love this album!